Privacy Policy

Last Modified: March 03, 2021

Elixir (“Elixir”, “We”, “Our”, “Us”)has adopted the following privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) to allow the user (the “User”, “You”, “Your”) of Our various Internet portals and Internet related services (the “Services”) to make an informed decision on whether to provide Elixir with the personal data that may be requested of You or that We may obtain as a result of You using Our Services.

Additional Obligations with Respect to User Privacy of Elixir’s Advertising Partner, NextRoll here.

Additional Obligations with Respect to User Privacy in EU here

Table of Contents
  1. Definitions
  2. Data Collected By Elixir
  3. How We Use the Data We Collect
  4. Data Sharing
  5. Aggregated and De-Identified Data
  6. Cookies and Related Technologies
  7. Non-Cookie Technology for Tracking Outside European Territories
  8. Your Choices and Opting-Out of Interest-Based Advertising and Analytics
  9. Data retention
  10. Security
  11. Information for European Territory Residents: Our Legal Basis and Your Rights
  12. Changes to this Privacy Notice
  13. Contacting the Privacy Officer

1. Definitions

Advertising Partner means any entity We have engaged to provide targeted advertising to Users of Our website and other digital properties. To see a list of Elixir’s Advertising Partners, click here.

Digital Property means any asset, account, platform, or channel owned by Elixir that is maintained in digital form.

2. Data Collected By Elixir

We may collect the following categories of information on Our website and other digital properties and use them for the purposes explained below. Data We Collect from You

  • Contact Information: We may ask You to provide contact information such as Your name, address, email, and phone number when You establish an account with Elixir.
  • Account Information: When You establish an account with Elixir, We will collect Your name and User credentials, as well as any other information required to establish and access Your account.
  • Customer Service Information: We may ask You for Your email address and other information to assist with customer service inquiries, survey responses, and related communications.
  • Information about your business: If You are an existing Elixir customer, We may use the information You provide about Your business and add it to Your existing customer profile with Elixir.
  • Hashed email addresses: Our Advertising Partner collects hashed versions of the email addresses that You enter on Our website. Hashing converts data into a randomized string of code that cannot be traced back to Your email address. Our Advertising Partner uses hashed email addresses to send You interest-based advertising on different devices (e.g. computers, tablets, and mobile phones) and browsers. You can read more about cross-device matching by visiting Our Advertising Partner’s Privacy Notice here.

Data We Automatically Collect from Your Device We collect the following data to ensure that You have a seamless and relevant experience when engaging with Elixir.

  • Device Information: We collect operating system information about the devices You use to access Our website and Services for analytics on website usage. We do not collect IP addresses or other device information.
  • Cookies: To optimize Your viewing experience, Our website stores cookies on Your devices via Your web browser. Cookies help Us track Your online journey and optimize Your user experience while You visit Our website and use the Services
  • Browser Data: This information includes technical specifications on the browser You are using (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari) to access Our website and other Digital Properties.
  • Location Data: To deliver content relevant to Your location, We collect non-specific information on Your geographic location based on Your device’s IP address. This information may include country, state, city, and zip or postal code location data. The information collected does not disclose specific geographic coordinates (e.g. GPS latitude and longitude)
  • Browsing Activity: We collect information on Your browsing activity during visits to Our website. Information collected includes which pages You visited, any links or items You clicked, the amount of time spent on a page, and whether You downloaded a case study or other resource.
  • Ad Data: Our Advertising Partner collects data about the online ads they have served (or attempted to serve) to You. It includes information such as how many times an ad has been served to You, what page the ad appeared on, and whether You clicked on or otherwise interacted with the ad.

Data We Collect from Third Party Sources

  • Data from Our Advertising Partner: This data allows Elixir to match cookie identifiers that may be in use by Our Advertising Partner. Matching cookie identifiers allow Us to analyze visitors to Our digital properties so that We can deliver relevant content and recognize You across different browsers and devices. In addition, Our Advertising Partner collects additional information to create and provide Elixir with groupings of their customers who share one or more attributes. These segments allow Our Advertising Partner to better understand Elixir’s target audience and to improve delivery of Elixir products and Services.

  • Contact Data from Third Parties: We obtain and collect B2B contact information from various third-party sources, including licenses with data providers and public records. Contact information includes business email addresses, business street addresses, and business telephone numbers.

3. How We Use the Data We Collect

We use the data We collect for the following purposes:

  • Providing our Services and Customer Support: We employ User data to monitor Your use of Our products, Services, and features, to manage marketing campaigns, and to log data for audit purposes. In addition, We use Your data to provide You with support. We retain a record of these interactions so We can better service Your account as needed.

  • Billing: If You are an Opus or DPT customer, We may collect billing information through Our customer support portal. We use Your data to send invoices and collect payment for these products and SERVICES.

  • Troubleshoot Problems: We monitor User data to identify and repair any issues with the performance of Our digital properties (e.g. Our website and social media).

  • Prevent Potential Fraud and Enforce our Terms of Service: We monitor data to enforce Elixir policies, to investigate violations of Our policies or legal requirements, to detect and prevent fraud, and to protect Elixir, Our customers, and other third parties from harm.

  • Measure and Improve our Website and Services: We monitor User activity to evaluate the content on Our website and identify areas for improvement. For example, We track which resources visitors click on or download to make Our products and Services better for Our customers or to improve customer support.

  • Contact You About Your Account or our Services: We may use Your contact information to service Your account, inform You about new products and Services, or to follow up on support and billing issues. You can opt out of receiving emails by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of Our emails or updating Your email preferences. If You don’t want to receive phone calls or other marketing materials, You can contact us at

  • Conducting Business Operations. We use B2B data, including customer and prospective customer lists, to conduct business operations and communicate with customers and other third parties.

  • Complying with Legal Process: We may use data collected to comply with applicable laws, government requests (e.g. criminal and civil subpoenas), and other legal processes.

Elixir’s Advertising Partner uses the data We collect for the following purposes:

  • Interest-Based Advertising: Our Advertising Partner serves You ads for the Services. Based on Your browsing activity, the time of day You visit Our Digital Properties and the time You spend on them, and non-precise geographic data inferred about Your device(s). Our Advertising Partner serves You ads that are more likely to be relevant to You.

  • Segmenting Audiences: Our Advertising Partner uses data from Elixir’s digital properties to segment visitors into groups (e.g. high vs. low intent visitors) for reporting, analytics and determining the ads and email content that would be of most interest to You.

  • Ad delivery: Our Advertising Partner uses technical information (e.g. browser and device data) to deliver ads and verify that they have been successfully delivered.

  • Frequency Capping: Our Advertising Partner may cap the frequency of ad delivery to ensure You do not receive the same ad too many times.

  • Sequencing: Our Advertising Partner may use data to deliver ads in a specific sequence to ensure You see them in the correct order.

  • Mapping Data to Our Advertising Partner’s Cross-Device Asset: Our Advertising Partner uses cross-device assets to match devices with a single person, household, and/or online identifiers (e.g. hashed email addresses) that You have provided to Elixir. This cross-device asset allows Our Advertising Partner to gain a better understanding of Your online activity and to improve Our ability to deliver relevant ads and evaluate ad campaigns. You may opt-out of cross-device interest-based targeting by employing the respective opt-out techniques We describe in Your Choices and Opting-Out of Interest-Based Advertising and Analytics (see below).

  • Identifying Companies Associated with an IP Range for B2B Marketing: Our Advertising Partner uses IP address ranges disclosed by companies to analyze and report website traffic.

  • Reporting and Attribution: Our Advertising Partner uses data collected to analyze how Our ads are performing and to gain insight into Our customers and prospective customers. Examples of Reporting include the following:

  • Attribution (described above)

  • Impressions (ads served)

  • Clicks (ads You clicked on)

  • Conversions (for example, if You create an account with Us or download a white paper from Our site).

Reporting helps Us identify ads that are most relevant to You, as well as ads that are not performing well, so We can update Our ad or ad campaign strategy

4. Data Sharing

We may disclose data about You:

  • With Our Advertising Partner: We disclose cookie ID data to allow for successful delivery of ads to Your device.

  • With Our Service Providers: We disclose data to third parties who provide Services related to Elixir’s business operations (e.g. web and cloud hosting, marketing, and customer relations management).

  • In connection with legal proceedings: When required to do so, We disclose Your data to protect or defend the rights of Elixir, Our customers, or other parties or to comply with court orders.

  • In connection with a sale of Our business: We may disclose Your information in connection with a sale of Elixir or Elixir assets.

5. Aggregated and De-Identified Data

Our Advertising Partner may aggregate and de-identify the data they collect to ensure it cannot be associated with a natural person, either wholly or in part. They use de-identified, aggregated data to conduct advertising analysis and for reporting purposes.

We use cookies and similar technologies (e.g. tracking pixels) to improve Your experience with Our website and Services. Cookies are small data files that are served by Our platform and stored on Your device. Cookies and related technologies make it possible for Elixir to immediately recognize You without requiring You to re-register on every visit. We also use cookies and related technologies for analytics and to provide personalized ads and other content. You can decline the use of cookies or opt-out of cookies at any time. To manage Your cookie preferences, You can configure Your browser to warn of the receipt of cookies and prevent their installation onto Your hard disk or mobile device. You should refer to the instructions and manuals of Your browser or mobile device for further information regarding cookies. Obstructing the installation of a Elixir cookie will not prevent the use of the Services, however, You will have to register each time You access a SERVICE requiring prior registration. For additional information, refer to Opting Out of Interest-Based Advertising and Analytics below. For more information regarding data associated with cookies, please refer to the section of this policy on Data Retention (below)

Elixir uses two types of cookies:

Tracking cookies are text files that a web browser stores on Your device that track Your online activity. They allow Us to identify Your device so that We can deliver relevant advertising to You. Our Advertising Partner may also drop cookies for different purposes. We describe these purposes in What Data We Collect We also use non-tracking cookies to store user decisions in terms of Your ad consent and opt-out choices. Non-tracking cookies are not associated with a unique ID or personal data, but they can improve the usability of a website. Here are some examples of non-tracking cookies that We use:

  • An __adroll cookie with value opt-out if You opt-out as described below.
  • A __consent cookie that stores the consent choices You have made regarding data processing and advertising by Elixir.

A full list of Elixir cookies is set out below:

Tracking cookies

  • Essential website cookies: These cookies are strictly necessary to provide You with Services available through Our website.
  • Performance and functionality cookies: These cookies are used to enhance the performance and functionality of Our website but are non-essential to their use. However, without these cookies, certain functionality may become unavailable.
  • Analytics and customization cookies: These cookies collect information that is used either in aggregate form to help Us understand how Our website is being used, how effective Our marketing campaigns are, or to help Us customize Our website for You.
  • Advertising cookies: These cookies are used to make advertising messages more relevant to You. They perform functions like preventing the same ad from continuously reappearing, ensuring that ads are properly displayed for advertisers, and in some cases selecting advertisements that are based on Your interests.
  • Social networking cookies: These cookies are used to enable You to share pages and content that You find interesting on Our Website through third party social networking and other websites. These cookies may also be used for advertising purposes too.

Tracking cookies

  • __adroll
  • __ar_v4
  • __adroll_fpc

Non-tracking cookies

  • __adroll_consent_paramas
  • __adroll_post_consent_html
  • __adroll_post_connsent_css

For website visitors with IP addresses not located in a European Territory, Elixir and some of Our Advertising Partners may use non-cookie technology to identify Your computer, device, or browser to deliver interest-based advertising, analyze Your engagement with ads, measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns, and to monitor against fraud or misuse of Our Services. For more information, please see How We Use the Data We Collect. You may also refer to Our Advertising Partner’s Privacy Notice here. Use of non-cookie technology may be used separately or in addition to cookies to collect and record data about Your online activities on browsers, search engines, or other platforms that may not utilize Elixir technology. To opt out of tracking via non-cookie technologies by using the opt-out technologies described in Your Choices and Opting-Out of Interest-based Advertising and Analytics Ads.

8. Your Choices and Opting-Out of Interest-Based Advertising and Analytics

You can control how you share Your data with Elixir, including electing to “opt-out” of interest-based advertising altogether. You can direct Elixir not to deliver interest-based advertising by visiting Our Advertising Partner’s opt-out webpage. Included below are the different options for controlling how Elixir uses Your data:

  • Web browser: To opt-out of receiving interest-based ads served by or on behalf of Elixir clicking on the blue icon that typically appears in the corner of the ads We serve. Follow the instructions provided or click here. This opt-out function is browser-specific and relies on an “opt-out” cookie. If You delete Your cookies or upgrade Your browser after opting out, You will need to opt-out again.
  • Cross Device Opt-Out: In How We Use the Data We Collect, We describe how Our Advertising Partner uses a cross-device asset to match multiple browsers or devices to the cookie ID, hashed email address or other unique identifiers associated with You. If You opt out on a browser or device, Our Advertising Partner will apply Your opt-out decision to any other linked browsers and devices. Please note that there may be cases where You are being tracked using a browser or device that is not linked by Our Advertising Partner. In such cases, You are treated as a different User and will need to opt-out for that browser or device.
  • Mobile Device Opt-Out: Refer to the following instructions for iOS and Android devices to opt-out of receiving targeted ads based on Your behavior across different mobile devices.
  • iOS 7 or Higher: Go to Your Settings > Select Privacy > Select Advertising > Enable the “Limit Ad Tracking” setting; and
  • For Android devices with OS 2.2 or higher and Google Play Services version 4.0 or higher: Open Your Google Settings app > Select Ads > Enable “Opt-out of interest-based advertising.”
  • Industry Opt-Out Tools and Self-Regulation:
  • Our Advertising Partner is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and adhere to the NAI Code of Conduct. You may use the NAI opt-out tool here. This will enable You to opt-out of seeing personalized ads from Our Advertising Partner as well as any other NAI approved member companies. The NAI “Audience Matched Opt-Out Tool” tool allows You to separately opt-out of “audience matched” advertising. In addition, You can use the email opt-out tool provided by LiveRamp to opt out Your email from their database. To learn more about audience matching, please visit Our Advertising Partner’s Privacy Notice here.
  • Our Advertising Partner also complies with the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising, which is managed by the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA). You can opt-out of receiving personalized ads from other companies that perform ad targeting Services by visiting the DAA website.
  • Our Advertising Partner also complies with the Canadian Self-regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising as managed by the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC). You can opt-out of receiving personalized ads from other companies that perform ad targeting Services via the DAAC website.
  • Our Advertising Partner also adheres to the European Interactive Advertising Digital Alliance (EDAA) guidelines for online advertising. You may opt-out via the EDAA website.
  • Reminder to Users Residing in a European Territory: If You are a resident of a European Territory, You will have additional protection rights. These rights are described below in Information for European Territory Residents: Our Legal Basis and Your Rights.

You can also request that We stop email marketing to You. You can use the “unsubscribe link” in Our marketing emails or contact

9. Data retention

Elixir and its Advertising Partner retain data for as long as necessary to perform Our Services and for the purposes described in this Privacy Notice. For example, We may retain:

  • Billing information as necessary to meet audit requirements.
  • Login information to confirm when customers accept Our Terms of Service; and
  • Information needed to meet legal requirements, resolve disputes, or enforce agreements. Retained as long as necessary to meet requirements.
10. Security

We implement technical, administrative, and organizational safeguards to protect the data We collect against loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure and access, other unlawful forms of processing, accidental or unlawful destruction, and during transmission over a network.

Legal Basis for Processing Personal Data under GDPR We may process Personal Data under the following conditions:

  • Consent: You have given Your consent for processing Personal Data for one or more specific purposes.
  • Performance of a contract: Provision of Personal Data is necessary for the performance of an agreement with You and/or for any pre-contractual obligations thereof.
  • Legal obligations: Processing Personal Data is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which Elixir is subject.
  • Vital interests: Processing Personal Data is necessary to protect Your vital interests or those of another natural person.
  • Public interests: Processing Personal Data is related to a task that is carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in Elixir.
  • Legitimate interests: Processing Personal Data is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by Elixir.

In any case, Elixir will gladly help to clarify the specific legal basis that applies to the processing, whether the provision of Personal Data is a statutory or contractual requirement, or a requirement necessary to enter into a contract Your Rights under the GDPR Elixir undertakes to respect the confidentiality of Your Personal Data and to ensure that you can exercise Your rights. You have the right under this Privacy Policy, and by law if you are within the EU, to:

  • Request access to Your Personal Data. The right to access, update or delete the information We have on You. Whenever made possible, You can access, update or request deletion of Your Personal Data directly within Your account settings section. If You are unable to perform these actions yourself, please contact Us to assist You. This also enables You to receive a copy of the Personal Data We hold about You.
  • Request correction of the Personal Data that We hold about you. You have the right to have any incomplete or inaccurate information We hold about You corrected.
  • Object to processing of your Personal Data. This right exists where We are relying on a legitimate interest as the legal basis for Our processing and there is something about Your particular situation, which makes You want to object to Our processing of Your Personal Data on this ground. You also have the right to object where We are processing Your Personal Data for direct marketing purposes.
  • Request erasure of Your Personal Data. You have the right to ask us to delete or remove Personal Data when there is no good reason for us to continue processing it.
  • Request the transfer of Your Personal Data. We will provide to You, or to a third-party You have chosen, Your Personal Data in a structured, commonly used, machine-readable format. Please note that this right only applies to automated information which You initially provided consent for Us to use or where We used the information to perform a contract with You.
  • Withdraw Your consent. You have the right to withdraw Your consent on using Your Personal Data. If You withdraw Your consent, We may not be able to provide You with access to certain functionalities of Our Services.

Cross-border Data Transfers

  • Elixir does not transfer the information We collect about You to countries outside the EU. However, some of Our Advertising Partners may transfer the information they collect about You to countries (including the United States of America) other than the country where they originally collected it for the purposes of performing their Services. In general, these countries will be the countries in which Our Advertising Partners or Advertising Partners’ service providers operate.
  • Elixir will ensure that Our Advertising Partners protect Your information as described in this Privacy Notice and take steps, where necessary, to ensure that international transfers comply with applicable laws. Precautions may include ensuring that lawful data export mechanisms such as Standard Contractual Clauses and Binding Corporate Rules are in place.

Exercising of Your GDPR Data Protection Rights You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by contacting Elixir at Please note that We may ask You to verify Your identity before responding to such requests. If You make a request, We will try Our best to respond to You as soon as possible. You have the right to complain to a Data Protection Authority about Our collection and use of Your Personal Data. For more information, if You are in the European Economic Area (EEA), please contact Your local data protection authority in the EEA.

12. Changes to this Privacy Notice

Elixir reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to modify, change, add to or update this Privacy Policy, simply by posting such change, update, or modification on the Elixir website, (the “Site”). Any such change, update or modification will be effective immediately upon posting to Elixir’s website. Your use of Elixir’s digital properties will constitute your acceptance of the changes.

13. Contacting the Privacy Officer

If You have questions or concerns about Your data privacy rights or Elixir’s data processing practices, You are welcome to contact Our Privacy Officer at or by writing to the following address:


Elixir Technologies

Attention: Elixir Privacy Officer

1314 East Ojai Avenue

Ojai, CA 93023