Elixir brings teams and tools together like never before.

Cloud Native

Always current and up-to-date, with an adaptable infrastructure that automatically scales up or down based on your peak demand requirements.

Customized Workspaces

Easily configure individual workspaces and create different workflows, depending on the project or team(s) involved.

Data Integration

Our robust connector library, which covers 3rd party ERP, CRM & Marketing automation solutions, makes integration super easy, with low to no code.

Bring it all together

This “Center of Excellence” approach combines adaptive design, data, workflows, and collaboration —  a strategic advantage.

Make way for every communication to do way more.

Fuel growth.

Capture new markets by getting new products out sooner. Expand your base with on-brand, customized marketing communications. Retain customers by keeping them engaged in a timely, relevant way.

Capture new markets

Implementing a more nimble process means major time savings — up to 70%. This means new product offerings can get to market faster than ever.

Expand existing customers

Elixir allows you to do more with every communication, like easily embed dynamic marketing messages into required communications (statements, invoices, etc.) based on the customers current products and geography. This is done by embedding low-code/no-code business rules in document templates.

Retain customers

Beautifully designed, templatized communications can be customized to respond to customers in a timely way — keeping the conversation, and a positive customer experience, going.

Fuel growth

Get to market faster.

Break down silos. Share content easily across departments and different lines of business. Get communications out 75% faster, with 60% fewer errors.

Available from anywhere

Break down silos and coordinate all teams involved: products, marketing, legal, operations, compliance, IT, and customer experience.

Standardized shared content

From branding assets to legal disclaimers, share across multiple departments and lines of business

Data driven document templates

One template can produce hundreds of document variants based on customer demographics, preferences, and products, eliminating the problem of content creep.

Highly customizable workflow

Manage complex document review and approval processes

No programming

A business user interface (with no programming) that easily integrates with familiar tools like MS Word.

Improve their experience.

Eliminate inconsistencies that confuse customers with shared asset templates. Utilize data to send only the most relevant offers. Use Elixir to bring on a better customer experience.

A consistent look and feel

Create templates that allow easy access to all assets and images, so customers will have a positive, consistent experience.

The right offers at the right time

Send offers based on the current products customers engage with — not generic ones. No more sending out offers for products they already have.

Logic rules for distribution/delivery

Set up how it works for your business. Example: Set up an email to go first. If it bounces back, send a physical document.

Searchable customer portals

Easily find all communications to each customer with a customer portal that’s intuitive and highly searchable.



When you need a high level of security and compliance, you need a high level of experience. Elixir is HITRUST certified — and knows all about best practices.

A partner that takes compliance seriously

Elixir is HITRUST certified and perfect for companies with mandated customer communications in regulated industries.

Avoid costly mistakes

We have been doing this for 38+ years with thousands of companies and have the best practices to ensure your success without trial and error.

Transparency and sound governance

Expect best practice business processes, a full audit trail, and dashboards with metrics — all to provide the kind of transparency your business needs.

Enforced review process

Multiple stakeholders will be easily engaged in the process to prevent errors and ensure high quality and compliance.

Reduce costs.

No more costly overlaps or bottlenecks. No need to maintain your own infrastructure. Yes to a predictable pricing model.

Move to the cloud and away from on-prem.

Elixir supports dispersed teams and scales as you grow. This allows big savings by eliminating the need to maintain your own infrastructure. However, if you are not ready to move to the cloud, we can deploy on any-prem, eliminating overlaps that also save you money.

More ways to reduce costs
  • A predictable and cost effective licensing model
  • Best practice business processes eliminate bottlenecks and costly reworks
  • Eliminate overlapping and duplicate tools by moving away from siloed approach
  • Integrations with familiar tools like MS Word leverage existing investments and familiarity
  • Public APIs facilitate integrations with existing systems and business processes