Leading third-party administrator empowers teams with move to Elixir

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Jan 19, 2024 3:26:23 PM

Zenith American Solutions Inc. (”Zenith”), the largest independent Third Party Administrator of Taft-Hartley plans in the United States, aimed to expand its digital footprint and improve user experience by providing greater flexibility and ease of use regarding its electronic client communications.

Zenith recognized its legacy systems for customer communications were reaching its end of life, so Zenith was looking to migrate to a more efficient platform for effective digitization of client communications.


A new solution was required to achieve Zenith’s strategic goal of upgrading the company’s communication processes to further enhance customer experience and support significant growth.

Proposition: Elixir

Elixir® proposed and developed a custom, enterprise-level solution using Elixir's SaaS platform. With the support of Elixir’s implementation team, Zenith would have enhanced features including intuitive self-service functions and leading-edge technology capable of supporting continued operational excellence and future growth.

Solution: a swift and seamless digital experience

Zenith, as a prominent market leader, continues to search for ways to expand its digital capabilities and provide the highest quality tools and technology to its clients and their members. Knowing that Elixir created the Opus software, Zenith trusted that the Elixir platform solution would effectively support its vision of an enhanced digital experience for its clients.

Mutually assured success is the hallmark of every project. To ensure a successful implementation, Elixir and Zenith identified requirements to ensure agreement before the implementation process began. Further, by working with the Zenith team in the development, staging, and production environments, Elixir Technologies was able to deploy the software and migrate resources quickly with the use of Elixir’s workflow automation.

Moving from the Opus desktop-based solution to the Elixir cloud-centric platform offered multiple benefits:

  • Enhanced collaboration by allowing Zenith team members to access files, make revisions, update information, review edits, and promote information and data from one environment to another;
  • Increased scalability and profitability by enabling creators to bring in designs and generate multiple versions using a single template;
  • Improved flexibility in workflow processes and output; and
  • Enhanced client communications with self-service features.

Ultimately, Elixir brought more control and visibility to all users while empowering them with a more connected customer communications process.