Create. Collaborate.

Make multi-channel communications and complex document creation a breeze with Elixir.

Elixir combines industry leading technology with a global services team and deep industry expertise to provide better customer engagement at scale with shorter lead time.

Elixir consolidates and simplifies complex customer communication processes and brings them upstream
to empower business teams to analyze, iterate, and improve communication across the entire customer

  • Best in class document collaboration and review
  • Scaled multi-channel delivery
  • No code/low code data integrations and workflows
  • Data-driven personalization and targeting
  • Fast implementation to get business ROI quickly

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Accelerate transformation while reducing IT costs.

Create personalized, data-driven communication. Utilize pre-built and low-code connectors to CRMs, ERPs, and other systems. Leverage data from multiple sources to create a unified view of your customers. Then, deliver consistent, relevant communications across channels. 

Protect your brand while empowering business users.

Deploy discrete workspaces for greater brand and regulatory control. Create communications faster. Leverage pre-built rules, templates, and other assets you can share across workspaces. Break down silos and unify customer communications across your organization. 

Create communications with speed and efficiency.

Use design tools and a composition engine to create engaging, personalized communications. Empower users to create data-driven content at scale with an easy-to-use interface. Engage users with content that meets their preferences.

Create and review assets across teams.

Foster seamless collaboration between team members. Expedite communication and document creation with leading collaboration, review, and approval workflow tools. Collaborate in real time, across teams, to make complex document review easy.

Engage with customers on their preferred platform.

Drive dynamic outbound communications and conversations. Reach users across channels with a single design and repeatable process. Be ready to adapt to changing business needs. With better customer engagement, you can achieve your business goals.

Gain deeper insight into communication delivery and engagement.

Get the full picture of communication deliverability and customer engagement. With powerful dashboard and reporting tools, you can track user response. Use this information to make better business decisions.