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Healthcare Payers

Healthcare Payers

Cloud native CCM with composable architecture and robust API support enabling HealthCare Payers a more flexible solution to better adapt to rapidly changing compliance demands and more demanding consumers.

3 of the top 5 Healthcare Payers partner with us for their Medicare and Medicaid advantage lines of business.

Full compliance with tight deadlines

Implement CMS changes every year, without having to worry about delays that result in penalties.

Maximize every communication

Finally, an approach that supports dynamic promotional content, so every communication can go further in fueling growth.

Typical documents/communications:
  • ANOC
  • EOC
  • SB
  • Benefit Highlights
  • Formularies
  • Drug Lists
  • Provider Directories
  • Pharmacy Directories
  • Getting Started/User Guides
  • Enrollment Forms
  • Ancillary Flyers
  • Plan Ratings & Plan Recap
  • RxWrap
  • ID Card
  • Regulated communications (letters, etc.)
  • Marketing communications (no need for a separate ESP)


Banks to Broker-dealers use Elixir to turn statements, notices and and other communications into profit makers.

Maximizing every communication, for every part of the industry.

Broker-dealer, financial planning, banking, retirement planning, financial management, financial reporting services

Typical Documents/communications:
  • Performance Statement
  • Monthly Statement
  • Quarterly Statement
  • Allocation Statement
  • Rebalancing Confirmation
  • Trade Confirmation
  • Privacy Notice
  • Beneficiary Confirmation
  • Notice of Fees
  • Confirmation of Change
  • Disclosure
  • Prospectus
  • Fund Summary
  • Proxy Notice
  • Distribution and product services
  • Consolidated correspondence
  • Compliance correspondence
  • Regional communication hub
  • Personalized messages on customer communications
  • Ad-hoc statement
  • Contract generation & notes
  • Marketing communications
  • B55 Statements
  • Fulfillment Letters
  • Dodd-Frank Letters
  • Tax Forms - 1099Div_Misc, 1099B
  • Fillable Transaction Forms
  • EQ Checks
  • Stubs
  • Share Balance Summary
  • DD Sales Transfer
  • Interactive Statements


States and nations rely on Elixir’s 38+ years of experience with the unique challenges of tax and citizen correspondence.

Typical Documents/communications:
  • Citizen correspondence services
  • Publishing
  • Document production
  • E-Tax processing
  • E-Invoice processing
  • Tax receipt processing
  • Notices
  • Applications
  • Checks
  • Statements
  • Invoices
  • Forms/Claims
  • Report/Letters
  • Tax bills
  • Tax Receipts
  • Tax Statements
  • Tax Notices


From enrollment and onboarding to web-portal and in-app communications, large insurers use Elixir to do it all with ease.

Typical documents for Life, Annuity, Property, and Casualty:
  • Policy Documents - Plan level & Member Level.
  • ID Cards for Individual plan & Proof of Insurance for Corporate.
  • Welcome Letters, Kits, Inserts, Customized Marketing materials including Brochures, Flyers etc.
  • Document Archival & Retrieval for customer web access
  • Letters & Notices
  • Subscriber Notifications via Email, SMS.
  • Policy contract issuance
  • Policy correspondence
  • Billing correspondence
  • Straight Through Product issuance
  • Micro-products real-time issuance
  • Consolidated correspondence
  • Bank channel correspondence
  • On-demand request for correspondence
  • Policy change communication

Laying the foundation for major impact.

Digital Transformation

We’ll help take you from where you are to where you need to be: fully digital, and fully self-sufficient.

Empower internal teams

Elixir partners with its customers so ultimately, internal teams can manage the full lifecycle of customer communications. This is done by building and executing a roadmap to self-sufficiency that keeps pace and scale with your organizational goals and priorities.

Full Saas deployment

We can get you started on your digital transformation journey from where you are (print, on-prem, managed service), and take you all the way to a full SaaS deployment, complete with digital communication and collaboration. We can also train your team to transition from relying on service bureaus to becoming self-sufficient.