Healthcare payer Wins 330% ROI on ANOCs & EOC

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Jun 10, 2022 1:36:00 AM

Large Healthcare Payer moves to cloud-based platform; adopts ComOps best practices.


At a Glance

A leading national healthcare plan payer providing solutions for individuals, groups, and institutions.


The client had contracted with an external agency to generate its complex Medicare materials (ANOC, EOC, & SB).

The vendor’s SLA promised changes and a digital proof within 36–48 hours of receiving requirements from the client.

Once the external vendor delivered changes, the materials proceeded through manual internal reviews by subject matter experts, which often uncovered inaccuracies and initiated more 36–48 hour change cycles.


After building trust with the client by successfully delivering SaaS solutions for several other Medicare materials, Elixir® proposed a cloud-based solution to cut costs and empower an internal team to manage changes without external dependencies.


Internal users manage changes quickly, via MS Word, and Elixir cloud applications automate updates and QA cycles to generate production-ready digital proofs in a few minutes.

The results have been more than encouraging. The internal team achieved self-service during season one; and the client will enjoy a 330% ROI over its first three seasons with Elixir®. Today, the client is three weeks ahead of schedule generating its ANOC and EOC materials. On top of cost reductions and process improvements, growth and learning empower a new internal Center of Excellence for Medicare mandated materials and faster time-to-market.

In one year with Elixir:

  • 36% saving in one year: client saved on licensing and services
  • 4 days: client saved on human resources
  • $39,000: client saved in over-production costs with Elixir error-handling automation
  • $113,000: client saved on quality assurance (QA) cycles
Cost reductions and increasing ROI over three ANOC & EOC seasons

36% Cost reduction year 1

The insurer saved 36% in the first year, even including implementation, which accounted for 65% of first year costs.

40% Cost reduction year 2 & 3

In subsequent seasons the insurer has saved over 40%; this rate is expected to climb with wider adoption within the enterprise.

330% Return on overall Investment (ROI)

As the insurer fully moves to a self-service model, spend will decrease and ROI from implementing Elixir increase.
Unquantified benefits
Savings and benefits of delivering ANOC and EOC reliably and on time

The client saves expenditures on overtime wages, special postal services (like overnight, air, and two-day mail to avoid late delivery), and extra production costs due to lastminute changes.

Change-driven automation

Once the client’s business requirements were configured in Elixir, and content and data sources were integrated to populate the Elixir repository and source of truth. Variable data files could initiate change and review cycles. Elixir automates accurate formatting, pagination, large text versions, translations, and review processes. It also enables sweeping changes far upstream, where permissioned users create and approve content before it enters the repository, to automate change for multiple plans and benefits.

Real time preview mode allows end users see the output throughout the lifecycle, while live proofing mode is a chance to review output on the screen, before generating a production-ready file. Elixir eliminates the need for document owners to manage specific materials using dedicated teams and manual processes like the external vendor.

Multiple plan materials share approved content and data, versions are automated, as are QA cycles, approvals, and intake workflows. Content and data is approved upstream before entering the Elixir repository, where it is managed, updated, and can be repurposed.

Elixir can be configured for diverse use cases to support digital transformation, scale efficiency, and optimize Centers of Excellence for faster product development and innovation